Life Purpose / Career
Life Purpose / Career

Imagine having the certainty and a sense of direction to fulfilling your life purpose.  Would this change the way you feel about your life being able to envision your compelling future?

How would it feel to be able to trust the choices you make every day, knowing that you are being fully guided and supported in expressing that special gift to the world that only you have?

When you are grounded in your purpose, you are able to relax more fully into the present moment, with a sense of peace and a knowing that regardless of how busy life is, you are still on track to fulfilling what you have come here to do.

With this knowing, you understand that where you find yourself right now is absolutely perfect and a necessary part of your journey.

It takes courage and the ability to be vulnerable in order to fully embody your purpose.  Some other words for purpose, are dream, gift, goal, desire.

Whatever you call it, most often in life we allow our fears to stop us from owning our gifts.

But imagine if instead you stopped running from this fear and you not only embraced it, but you became friends with this fear.  What if you suddenly understood that this fear was in some way trying to help and protect you in some way?

Imagine now being able to offer those fears the type of reassurance and love which would transform the fear into beautiful opportunities of growth and contribution to yourself and those around you who will directly benefit from the light that you are here to share with the world!

Does this sound good to you?  Are you ready to align and allow this energy to flow in?

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Expressing your heart-based gifts

Everybody benefits when you express your heart-based Gifts to the world

It’s so wonderful to feel a deep sense of gratitude & fulfillment knowing that when you express your own creative energy, you can offer this to those who will benefit directly from your gifts.

Being able to contribute to others doing something that makes your heart sing is the true definition of FREEDOM in life!

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Do your career goals scare you?

If you answer yes, this is a great sign that you’re on the right track!

Whilst we all need a healthy amount of certainty in our lives, certainty and certainty alone will not reward us with a fulfilling life.

Playing it safe, doing what others have done, being predictable (which others love and expect of you!)  – whichever way you put it  will bring you certainty.  Certainty that you can be comfortable & safe.

Whereas following your hearts desire means becoming comfortable with embracing more uncertainty in your life.  Would you be willing to do this?

This is the only reason why some of us stay in unfulfilling jobs versus those who gather the courage to LEAP into the unknown.  It’s simply that others have realised and understood the need to embrace more Uncertainty.

And those who take this leap of faith and step into the unknown, allow themselves to be guided by their own innate wisdom and guidance, and this is what leads to a fulfilling life.

Listening, discerning and following your own guidance about which direction to take.  This is the land of synchronicities!

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Your Life Purpose is not a destination

We all have a different interpretation of the term ‘Life Purpose”.

I used to think that to discover your Life’s Purpose meant to find that perfect role, that perfect job which is what you were born to do, but where is the room for personal growth in this?

There isn’t much.

You see, when we focus on personal growth, or truth continually changes.  That means that what we believed to be true yesterday, might differ from what we believe tomorrow.

That’s why it’s important to give yourself the freedom and flexibility to flow in life in the direction that your heart pulls you in.

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Allowing & Aligning with your purpose

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you pushed using the sheer force of your own will, only to feel burnt out and with little to no results?

Overusing our Masculine side in order to ‘achieve’ and be successful can actually have the opposite effect. When we try to force things instead of simply allowing, we flick the switch to ‘Resistance’ by pushing against the flow of life.

Sometimes we simply need to relax, slow down and allow the benevolent outcomes we seek to flow to us.  This is allowing and aligning and it takes the pressure off, allows you to relax and gives you space to focus your energy where its most useful, in the present moment.

If you are ready to make your deepest desires a reality I would love to work with you!

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