Loving yourself / Self Esteem
Loving yourself / Self Esteem

Imagine loving the person that you are and truly feeling good about what you have to offer the world.  If you held yourself in this loving vision, you can be sure that you would expect the very best for yourself.

Can you imagine what you would be able to attract and manifest into your life if you truly looked at yourself through loving eyes?

When you love yourself, you only do the things that are right for you regardless of what others may think.

Loving yourself sometimes means becoming comfortable in saying ‘No’ to others demands on you which you feel are not beneficial for you.

One of the best ways we can love ourselves is by honouring our feelings and allowing them to be expressed in a loving, non threatening way in the presence of others, even when you cannot be sure that the way you feel will be accepted by others, because the very act of expressing your feelings means that YOU accept your feelings enough to allow them to have a voice.

Imagine allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable by fully embodying your feminine emotions and instead of seeing this emotional side of you as a weakness, seeing it for what it really is, your FEMININE STRENGTH.

One of the beautiful things about honouring yourself as the beautiful, unique Woman that you are, is that you show other Women around you that it’s safe for them to do the same.

When we start to practise Self Love, life flows to us and reflects back how much we are truly loved.

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Filling your own cup

To truly love yourself, means to fill your own cup first.

When our cup is empty, we go to others to fill the void we feel within ourselves and sometimes this works, but its only a temporary fix.

Sometimes an others cup is empty, and so they have very little to share with you in the first place.

Of course we are speaking in metaphor here, but this is a powerful example of why we first need to love and nourish ourselves with no expectation of others fulfilling our need for self love.

When we practise self love, our cup becomes so abundant it begins to overflow onto others.

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Your loved ones benefit when you practise self love

We often give everything to those we love and very little to ourselves, yet we can end up feeling resentful when we don’t receive the Love we need ourselves.

Did you know those around you actually benefit far more when you first nourish YOU?

When you’re in a state of balance, you are far more effective and beneficial to those around you.

The world benefits when you give Love to yourself and this is why world change has to start with the individual.

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How do you give yourself Love?

We all have different interpretations as well as different ways of meeting our needs for self love.

Almost every action we take is one to make ourselves feel good, and these actions are either negative, positive or neutral as far as whether or not they are beneficial for ourselves and those around us.

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