Imagine having a happy home environment full of sexy vibes. A safe, strong Masculine presence for you to relax into.

Think of your partner.  Now picture him as your ally, standing beside you.  Someone you can turn to for emotional support.

If you have children, they see a happy Mamma and Dadda who are not only loving towards one another, but united as the Hierarchy of the family.

What is a fulfilling relationship anyway? Simply put, its when you have a deep understanding of each others needs and you consistently meet those needs on a daily basis.  This results in a fulfilling relationship.  So it’s not luck! It’s actually very strategic!

Your ‘enemy’ is actually your greatest resource in life.  They are your friend your confidant your Significant other.  Now I want to be clear, I am not talking to the Women who are with a man who uses physical violence and aggression.  I’m talking to the Women who are with the kind of man who deep down is a good guy, but yet you continue to bicker with him on a regular basis.  There may have even been infidelity there at some point within the relationship – because sometimes, good people can make really stupid choices which hurt those they love the most.

It’s important to know that Relationships can and do survive and thrive after infidelity.

When helping clients with their relationship, I use Human Needs Psychology to help them understand why certain behaviours have been present within the relationship and how they can better meet their own as well as their partners needs in a more loving, respectful way.

This allows for each person to be 100% responsible for their own part within their relationship, whilst setting firm boundaries,  rebuilding trust, intimacy and really taking the relationship to a place that is much stronger and much more passionate than before.

It doesn’t matter how stale or desperate a relationship seems.  It can be turned into a highly passionate, committed and fulfilling relationship.

Our Parents have the greatest influence on our Relationship

Through watching our parents interact with one another, we decide from a very early age who we are, how we interact with and feel in relation to the opposite sex.

Did your parents display an open and loving relationship full of loving and affectionate displays? Or perhaps they fought often, attempting to control one another, or even played the role of victim.

Why subconscious programming affects you

Almost always, the subconscious programming we go through as a child is what is responsible for the problems we experience in our relationships today.

When we argue with our beloved, we tend to go unconscious allowing our programming to take over as if on ‘auto pilot’.

It is not unusual to be completely unaware of a particular belief we have taken on from one or both of our parents, which is either untrue  or irrational in nature and hence very damaging to our relationships with the opposite sex.

Furthermore to this, beliefs hold their greatest power, when you are unaware of their presence.

Why you are 100% responsible for YOUR part in the Relationship

Do you ever find yourself in situations in your relationship where you truly feel that your partner is 100% at fault and responsible for the issues you are facing together and you are completely innocent?

Taking on this stance is where we become completely blind to the energy and beliefs that we bring to the relationship ourselves, and we fail to see, understand and learn the lessons we have come together for in the first place to learn and grow.

When there have been unsavoury acts present such as infidelity, it can be very easy for each partner to fall into the role of ‘Victim’ and ‘Perpetrator’, but eventually we have to ask the question, ‘What was happening in the time leading up to the transgression’?

What could and can be done differently by both partners? What boundaries need to be decided upon to ensure both are being respected, fulfilled and honoured?

It’s so important that we each take 100% responsibility for our own actions and the energy that we choose to bring to the relationship.

Your partner is your 'mirror'

When we truly understand this concept, how can we ever hold another responsible for the way we feel?

Relationships are such a gift and should be celebrated for without them, we would not know ourselves in relation to who ‘we are not’.

And so why shouldn’t we do what we can to uplift, elevate and transform our relationship with our Beloved?