In a coaching session last week with a 🌷beautiful🌷client, the theme that dominated our session together was the importance of speaking our truth.

If I think about it, this makes up 80% of what I do with the clients I am lucky enough to work with. 

This is probably because it seems to be one of the hardest things to do in life.


When I was younger, I was always so afraid of speaking my truth, especially in my relationships.

I was scared that if I really expressed how I felt, I would offend my loved one & then possibly have to deal with abandonment. 

A lot of the time, I wouldn’t even allow myself to connect with my own feelings, let alone express them to another person.


The person I am today loves to connect with my feelings and express myself as much as possible.

In fact I would internally combust if I didn’t give myself this gift.

And I certainly don’t always get it right.


I sometimes express myself by communicating something poorly. (I’m SURE my partner would agree with me here!!) 

It’s continually a work in progress, but the point is, allowing myself to acknowledge my thoughts & feelings inside & express that outward for me has been a very freeing experience.


My clients often end their session with a deep 🌀 exhale. 🌀

A sense of relief and freedom to finally let it all out.

Because when we share our experience, healing already starts to take place.

A different perspective shows itself.

In fact, acknowledging and talking about our feelings is sometimes 🌟all🌟 that is needed to help us work through a particular stress going on in our lives.


Is not necessarily that we want someone to ‘fix’ us.

But more of a longing to be ‘heard’.

Are you hearing your own voice? Your own feelings?


If you need help with connecting with your feelings, expressing yourself, and allowing the “Authentic You” to shine through – Join me in 2018 for private coaching.

⭐️We work together over Skype so it doesn’t matter where you live.

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Wishing you all a very Connected and Loving festive season!

Much Love

Natalie xxx

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