If you’ve never heard about the 6 Human Needs before, I’m going to give a really quick & easy run down into what they are, the role they play and why they are so import to know about! 

There are 6 human needs that motivate and drive behaviour.

And every single action we take is in some way trying to fulfil one of these 6 Human Needs below;

The 6 Human Needs

1. Certainty

The need to feel Safe, Secure, Comfortable, Free of pain.

2. Uncertainty (also known as Variety)

The need for Variety in life, Change, Movement, Excitement, Adventure

3. Significance

The need to feel Important, Worthy, Needed, Special, Unique

4. Love / Connection

The need for Love & Connection, Physical Intimacy, Conversation, Attatchment

5. Growth

The need to constantly grow Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually

6. Contribution

The need to reach out beyond oneself and contribute to others

Everybody will meet these needs on a daily basis, yet we tend to favour 2 of the needs above all others.

And this is largely due to our upbringing and the experiences we had during our childhood.

So let’s say your top need is for Significance.

This means that you will respond to life predominantly through this channel of needing to feel significant in some way.

Things get interesting when you look at how you are meeting these needs.

ie. Positive vs Negative vs Neutral

Let’s take a look at some negative ways to meet this need for Significance.

1. Needing approval from others in order to feel worthy.

2. Arguing with your partner

3. Feeling unappreciated & insignificant therefore looking for Significance outside of your relationship

And now let’s look at some positive ways to meet this same need for Significance. 

1. Complimenting yourself or someone else on a job well done (giving significance)

2. Contributing in some way to someone less fortunate ie financially, and therefor feeling as though you have made a difference & you matter

3. Becoming a Leader in a field which advises others how to look after their mental / physical / spiritual selves

And lastly some neutral way to meet this same need are; 

1. Grow your hair so long it’s down to your bum!

2. Drive around in a red convertible Car

3. Have a high paying job & surround yourself with luxury

So, the so the important question here now becomes, “how are you meeting your needs”? 

Are you meeting them positively in a way that benefits you and those around you?

Or are you meeting them negatively, in a way that is neither beneficial for you or your loved ones?

The 6 Human Needs are at the very heart of my 1 on 1 Skype sessions with clients.

Because when our needs are met positively, we feel happier in our lives.

Our relationships are ‘rosy’.

We feel contented & comfortable.

These 6 Human Needs drive all human behaviour.

If you would like to know more about a 1 on 1 session with me, you can visit my website HERE

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